There have been some delays in getting After Dark out there. Nothing serious just a few hiccups. First off, when it was previously published it came in at 117 pages, a respectable little book of horror. The edits were done, the proofreads done, the awesome cover ready to go… then I found out it was … More Delays


I think that as a writer your memories are some of the best resources you have to tell your story. A memory is often tied up to an event or a color or a sound or a scent. I have often found that these elements work their way into my stories whether I intended for … More Memories


You would think that as a writer you’d have all the words you could possibly need at any given time, but that is a falsehood, a myth many tell themselves to ease the discomfort of finding you have no words. When someone says something supremely nice to me, I often draw a blank. When they … More Words

New Year’s Day

Happy New Year! It’s finally 2016. I’ve been looking forward to this year and all the new changes and possibilities. Kinda funny for someone who usually hates change huh? This past year has been a stressful and difficult one, so at last I’m looking at getting on track again. My only resolution, and it is … More New Year’s Day

Hard or Soft Sell?

Over the past couple years on social media I have seen a lot of posts, thoughts, comments and beliefs on how to promote yourself, your product, your book or whatever is dear to you. I have seen the hard sell technique where there is a deluge of posts and updates or tweets where someone will … More Hard or Soft Sell?

Writer’s Tips

I’ve spoken of tips and shared a few over time with writers and non-writers alike. What I’m about to share has worked for me over many long years. I hope they will work for you, but as I’ve said many times: your mileage may vary. 🙂 Okay, one of the first and easiest is to … More Writer’s Tips

Rescue: Katerina

When we first moved to Oklahoma it was quite a culture shock. Things were different, attitudes were different, at one point we had someone call us foreigners because we were from another state! That really turned us off any attempts of trying to fit in. In fact we were looking at moving again just to … More Rescue: Katerina